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Plastic has a place of honour at Plast 2012

Plast 2012 - the triennial fair among the most important in the plastic materials sector - concluded on 12 May 2012 giving a positive signal to the operators in the sector. ML Engraving participated in the event and presented the new development 2012: the Micro Laser Grains, micro engravings (from 0 to 0,004 mm) that allow to surgically work on extremely precise areas of moulds or metal items in order to enrich plastic and rubber products. Read the highlights, the novelties and the peculiarities of the fair from the point of view of ML Engraving.


The first appearance at Plast of ML Engraving was very satisfactory. Many quality visitors let themselves get intrigued by the 3D laser textures, displayed in the stand on engraved moulds and on plastic objects: style centres of important brands and various sectors, among which automotive, packaging, shoe industry and household goods, visited our stand and remained very interested.

The Micro Laser Grains, the novelty 2012 of ML Engraving registered a huge success: the realisation on moulds of decorations with 0 depth allows to customize the products with a wide range of creative possibilities and affordable costs for the moulding phase. As per textures, the choice of the Micro Laser Grains is made during the mould design phase, so that the engraving file can be already digitally created. Some exemples of Micro Laser Grains are the catalogue plate GEO0023 with its geometrical pattern and the circular decorations on the Ovotto, that received lots of compliments from the insiders for the precision of the engraving of the texture on a so complex shape.

Highly appreciated was also the wall dedicated to automotive industry. The components exposed (a dashboard, a steering wheel and other parts) were engraved with different textures. The most appreciated was the fabric-effect texture on the dashboard. After this fair, ML Engraving can clearly state that 3D laser engraving is ready to acquire the market in this sector.
Other 2012 novelty is the transparent polypropylene catalogue: purposefully studied to satisfy the needs of product designers , it collects some exemples of 2D and 3D textures and the Micro Laser Grains. For an optical effect to be discovered!

a special thank to Promaplast for the excellent Customer Service: every detail was studied in detail to promote and let the fair work in the best way.

Plastic materials at 360°

The fair saw the participation of many companies that produce presses for moulding of plastic materials: the multi-national Engel GmbH, that with its Victory 330/90 tech moulded with the combined technique injection-blow some cases for cosmetics, on which ML Engraving realized 3 different textures; WM WRAPPING MACHINERY SA, that realized the most wanted gadget of the fair; the Italian HT Group SPA and NEGRO BOSSI SPA, leaders in the production of injection presses and Persico SPA, leader in the rotational sector. The participation of row materials producers was also very high: plastic materials, additives and colouring agents.

The numbers of Plast 2012

On the official web-site of the fair you can find the 2012 data compared with the 2009. The most significat data follow: more than 1500 companies from 58 countries were involved in the fair and the 78% of the fair surface was occupied by working presses. The overseas presence was consolidated, a clear signal that demonstrates the importance of Plast worldwide. 

Curiosities from the fair

Here the top 5 of the most wanted gadgets:

  1. the blow-moulded stick realized by WM WRAPPING MACHINERY SA;
  2. the injection-moulded bag by ARBURG;
  3. the scented FabFork by ML Engraving;
  4. the injected basket by HT MIR;
  5. the thermoformed face of Dart Fener.

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