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Highlights of UCISAP workshop

September 28th, 2011. The annual workshop of UCISAP entitled “Innovate to compete in mould manufacturing and moulding of plastic materials”; has taken place in Cinisello Balsamo, Milan. Mr Pastore, UCISAP current President, has pointed out the responsibility of the association of creating a strong sense of cooperation among Italian mould makers in order to face the international market. Italian handicrafts are know to exceed expectations in terms of quality and creativity, but they need to be promoted as well as they are made.


Mr. Lino Pastore, current President of UCISAP has welcomed the audience at the workshop “Innovate to compete in mould manufacturing and moulding of plastic materials”. The opening speech of the president pointed out the responsibility of the association to create a strong sense of cohesion among Italian mould makers.

Afterwards, Eng. Bertacchi, the Director of UCISAP, introduced the 4 speakers of the day.

AgieCharmille. Integrated processings that improve precision and automatism in the mould manufacturing

The first speaker was Eng. Faccio from AgieCharmille. His speech was dedicated to tuff EDM, Wire-cut EDM (Doutech) and above all OilTech, the exclusive technology that replaces oil to water in order to avoid the corrosion of metals and improve precision. Secondly, the speaker has expressed a few considerations about graphite and copper electrodes. Experience has led AgieCharmille to prefer graphite electrodes, that give the best results. This statement has been also confirmed by Mr. Lodetti in his turn.

ML Engraving. Digitalized processings for 3D superficial textures on moulds

The schedule has been partly modified and the microphone has been passed to Mr. Lodetti, who has presented ML Engraving and its exclusive laser photo-engraving technology. Mr. Lodetti made the audience curious about ML Engraving most important technological innovation: the D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering, that allows the complete digitation of the entire workflow: from planning the superficial texture to engraving it on the mould. Andrea Lodetti exposed the advantages of D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering by means of a specific Case History that showed the application of two different 3D textures on moulds for Ariete handles. This work is particularly complex and concerns a geometric texture (with an anti-slipping effect) taken from the catalogue of ML Engraving, a fake-leather texture and the logo of the Client all engraved onto a cylindrical surface. Afterwards, Mr Lodetti has spent a few minutes explaining the new patent of ML Engraving: Air-Off®. This patent has been developed in order to solve the problems of thermoforming. This particular type of moulding requires the complete evacuation of the air inside the mould, but in case of elaborated textures, air remains trapped inside. The result is a defective adherence of the plastic sheet on the mould that compromises the correct thermoforming. By means of Air-Off, ML Engraving is able to engrave every superficial texture, even 3D textures, on thermoforming moulds: the grid of micro-grooves engraved on the mould allows the correct evacuation of the air without compromising the final moulded result.

Engel. The added value in multi-colour and multi-material moulding

Mr Passalaqua from Engel described the 5 Business Units of the Company (automotive, packaging, teletronics, medical, technical moulding) and then he enumerated the most relevant technological innovations of Engel:
  • Combimelt
  • Dolphin
  • Roto-transfer technique

Officina Marchetti. A mould that is up to the quality, the efficiency and the price of the product

Last but not least, Mr. Dante Marchetti, owner of Officine Marchetti and member of UCISAP Board of Directors, has presented a case history for the projecting of an electric broom. The name of the brand is quite famous but can’t be released for discretion reasons. Mr Marchetti has explained good and bad points of Italian mouldmakers, extremely good at “making” but not so good at “selling”. Moreover he stated that the world of mould manufacturing can’t be considered without research, consequently the problem isn’t the lack of research, bur the enhancement of the value of Italian products.

The panel of discussion and conclusions

What makes Italian mould manufacturers competitive? That is the question. Among the plus of Italian handicrafts, the audience counted the know-how, the problem solving skills and creativity. On the contrary, the inability to create a strong and unite group is the worst fail, that risks to overwhelm small artisan workshops.

Mr Pastore, current president of UCISAP, and Dott. Diana Castiglione, president of Materioteca and Plastic Consult (near Mr. Lodetti) have made some of the most relevant statements talking about new ways to face the international market.

The final statement has been left to Eng. Bertacchi, who significantly said: Italia will never stop making moulds.

ML Engraving thanks the President and the Director of UCISAP for taking part to the workshop and appreciates the effort with which it promotes the quality of made in Italy outside our Country.


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