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ML Engraving developed an exclusive production process, that is able to combine the requirements of the creative and technical areas. This new work process caused the birth of a new lexicon, used by laser technicians, in order to cooperate with style centers and production units. This glossary offers a short introduction to the most used terms. 


is a patent, developed by ML Engraving, that allows the realization of every elaborated texture for thermoforming molds, that usually present problems in terms of air evacuation during the vacuum forming phase. Air-Off® was successfully tested on a 3D geometrical pyramidal texture, which is maybe the most complex. The patent was later tested on blow molding processes and it eliminated deformations and distortions of the texture due to air bubbles. 

Body File

ML Engraving defines the digital file of the mould or of the model as body file. This file represents the 3D plain surface of the mould, on which the texture will be applied. The digital process D.R.E® – Design Rendering Engineering allows to dress the body file with different textures and to watch the result on the screen of the computer without making tests on moulds.


The term co-design includes the services, techniques and advices, that are made available to customers, style centers and design studios for the realization of the required texture. The digital process D.R.E@ - Design Rendering Engineering allows to combine laser technology with product design, in order to realize customized and high innovative textures. The texture designers of ML Engraving accompany the customer during the entire development of the required finishing, starting from the choosing phase and they are able to propose ad-hoc collections. 

D.R.E@ - Design Rendering Engineering

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Deposition of the pattern through laser technology 

This technique represents the first step of the so-called hybrid technique, which combines laser and chemical etching, in order to obtain high quality products. Thanks to this technique ML Engraving is able to lay the texture on the entire surface of the mold through laser engraving, as it would be a paint brush on a canvas. This is the only way to obtain an excellent attention to details and a high definition level. This process allows to have a sort of preview of the pattern on the mold and so it's possible to eventually modify the texture, before finally realizing it. Once the pattern is set down, the second phase, which is the chemical etching, can be processed.  

Hybrid Techique

The Hybrid Techique is a special processing of ML Engraving that combines the advantages of etching and laser photo-engraving for 2D textures.This 2-phases process is particularly indicated for very big tools. The first step consists in the deposition of the texture by laser engraving. The use of the laser beam guarantees accuracy and the maximun attention to the details. The second step requires the etching method and it allows to carve the uncovered parts of the mould in one time. The final result is the 2D texture perfectly engraved on the mould.

Laser photo-engraving 

ML Engraving developed its laser technology, in order to apply it to 3D engraving on molds for plastic materials, rubber and silicone. So, the term laser photo-engraving was born together with our technology. The traditional method for the realization of the texture is chemical etching: a manual workflow, during which the mold is dunked into corrosive acid. The laser photo-engraving is a complete digital process, which is optimised by D.R.E® – Design Rendering Engineering, the exclusive production system of ML Engraving. The successfull combination of laser engraving and D.R.E® allows the realization of 2D and above all 3D textures (natural, geometrical or artistic), which can be engraved on every surface and every complexe structure. Laser engraving is a green technology: it doesn't produce waste or toxic fumes, uses only electricity and doesn't jeopardize the safety of ML Engraving high qualified technicians. 

Micro Laser Grains

The Micro Laser Grains are micro engravings (from 0 to 0,004 mm) that allow to surgically work on extremely precise areas of moulds or metal items in order to enrich plastic and rubber products. The digital elaboration of the file is possible by means of the D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering that enables to create every pattern or continuous drawing. The peculiar features of the Micro Laser Grains are:
  • 0-depth engravings, that lessen times and costs of production in a considerable way;
  • to maintain edges and sharp geometries;
  • to be easily removed from the mould to create a new pattern;
  • to guarantee the continuity of the drawing on coupled moulds;

The Micro Laser Grains are an exclusive of ML Engraving and are available in either ISO 1302 (N) scale or VDI (CH) scale.


Transformation in a digital 3D file of every creative idea starting from a meeting with the customer. The starting information can be a physical sample, a picture, even an idea. The Reventex technology allows to obtain a 3D file, that can be mapped on every existing geometry. 

Texture Designer

A texture designer is an expert, who has professional competences related to industrial and technical design, creativity and new design trends. A texture designer pinpoints the best way to enhance a product through realization of textures and their positioning on its surface, considering both functionality and appearance. ML Engraving has available a its own texture factory, composed by professionals, who analyze design trends, can develop customized collections and are able to work in co-design with the style centres of the customers, for the realization of the texture and its laser engraving on the mold.

Texture File

The texture file identifies the texture that will be applied on the body file of the mould or of the model. The digital mapping of the body file can be described as a dressing: the mould is covered by the texture, that sticks on the plain surface of the mould. This digital process brings significant advantages for our Clients, that finally can:

  • choose the texture in real time, after making several trials;
  • correct the deformations of the texture caused by radial surfaces;
  • watch the preview of the final result on screen;
  • work on the choice of the texture, while the mould is still under construction.

Touch & Feel

The term Touch & Feel defines one of the 3 production areas of ML Engraving that is laser engraving of 2D and 3D textures on molds for plastic materials and rubber. The Touch & Feel division represents the core business of ML Engraving, that is able to achieve till now never seen results, thanks to the combination between laser engraving and the process D.R.E@ - Design Rendering Engineering. 

YAG Laser – CO2 Laser

ML Engraving counts 11 YAG Laser machines that engrave metal and 1 CO2 Laser machine that engraves different materials such as fabric, wood, glass and few types of plastic. YAG laser machines engrave every kind of metal: aluminium, steel (tempered or stainless), sinterized materials, silver, bronze and alloys, titanium, brass, but also graphite and copper in order to engrave electrodes.


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