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Welcome to the press area. Here you can find articles and interviews dedicated to ML Engraving by important magazines and newspapers from the worlds of mechanics and design. These articles attest the important innovation results in laser engraving and 3D textures of the Company.

Corriere della sera

Corriere della Sera cover

A new important publication for our company, that gets an article on the national newspaper Corriere della Sera. The special edition has collected the excellence of Lombardy, which are investing in industrial automation optimization processes, integrating some new technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity, quality and safety of plants. ML Engraving points in that direction with the aim of introducing or refining so-called enabling technologies into its work process. Together with ML Engraving's commitment to the European Union's technology development projects (INFINITE, SoftSlide, MouldTex), this demonstrates the company's willingness to be a major player in the global market. Read the article. 



Style cover

This article is dedicated to a very particular project, born from the desire to test the advantages in terms of precision, detail definition and speed of execution of 3D texture laser engraving on the exclusive material XL EXTRALIGHT ®, developed by the research and creativity of Finproject's laboratories. ML Engraving created a special finish on a plate for the molding of this material, in order to give the same outlook of the Para, a natural rubber extracted from the latex of some Brazilian plants. The article presents the steps of the project till the final approval of the customer. The success of the engraving has opened up a new horizon in laser texturing on plates for new materials in the world of fashion and accessories. Read the article. 


L'Eco di Bergamo

Copertina L'Eco

Inside the column “Economia” (economics) of “L’Eco di Bergamo” newspaper you can find both the presentation of ML Engraving and the project “Softslide”, which has been developed for the European Union in collaboration with four international partners. This plan is part of the Fast Track to Innovation Program, that involves all the projects for a fast entry in the market. The purpose of Softslide is to elaborate a production process for higher performance dynamic seals, thank to a special 3D anti-clutch texture that reduces friction, and hence deterioration. Reading the article, the growth of ML Engraving is also confirmed by both dimension and turnover. Read the article or ask for the translation to find out more.

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